Trump Rants About Beating Up A ‘CNN Guy’ During Loony Sunday Morning Tweet

You’re not going to believe this. Alternatively, you may find very well find it believable coming from a man who has given us so many opportunities to become bewildered already.

Early Sunday morning, the president showed just how dangerously childish he really is. Remember, as you look at what he posted, this man is in charge of the most, powerful nation on earth and its nuclear codes.

Sunday morning, Trump posted a meme in video form. The short clip of footage is taken from way back when the man who is now president was routinely involved with WWE. (He’s friends with the couple who founded the WWE, the McMahons.)

In the clip, Trump participates in one of the WWE shows by tackling someone. The president, or someone on his team, has put a floating image of the CNN logo over the head of the person that Trump tackles. Thus, it’s as if Trump “tackled” CNN.

It’s really quite ridiculous. Check it out below.

he president’s latest round of raging against CNN comes after the network was forced to withdraw a story linking associates of his to a Russian investment fund. More recently, CNN aired an image of a National Enquirer story that was actually fake. Trump, who is friends with the owner of the National Enquirer, may have taken personal offense at that.

Twitter unsurprisingly shook its collective head at the president’s post.

Check it out below.

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