Senate Intel Committee Just Gave Trump 2,000 Reasons To Fear A Money Laundering Trial

Last month, according to BR, the Senate Intelligence Committee sent a request to the Treasury Department seeking information on a $10 million penalty that President Trump’s Taj Mahal casino was forced to pay in 2015 for violating money-laundering laws. On Tuesday evening, when Senator Mark Warner (D-Virginia) appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show, he revealed that the committee has finally received a response to that request.

Warner told Maddow that the Treasury Department has sent the committee thousands of pages of documents, some of which are surely related to the Taj Mahal violations, which were first reported on in April by Palmer Report.

The announcement about the documents came after Maddow asked Warner if the Senate Intelligence Committee is equipped to address the money laundering accusations President Trump is facing:

‘We’ve been trying just as observers here to follow the money trails…is your committee staffed in such a way that you’ve got the kind of expertise, the kind of professional staff that you need to be able to follow those very complicated money trails?’

Warner then revealed that his committee has recently received “over 2,000 pages of documents” from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) related to President Trump and his campaign’s issues of “financial compromise.”

‘We’ve got questions in terms of some individuals affiliated with Mr. Trump, and we’ve made requests to the Treasury Department who has responsibility, it’s called FinCEN, and we received over 2,000 pages of documents just recently that we’re reviewing, and there’ll be an additional tranche as well.’

The senator also answered Maddow’s original question, saying that he believes his committee is equipped to handle the deluge of information they’ve received.

‘I believe we have that expertise; if we don’t, we will obtain it, to make sure that we’re going through it in an appropriate way.’

He also assured Maddow that he and his colleagues are committed to a thorough investigation and will not be rushing through the documents.

‘When we’re talking about something this serious, we’ve got to do it right…getting it right is better than getting it done quickly.’

Watch a clip from Warner’s conversation with Maddow in the video below, available via YouTube. The discussion about the Treasury Department’s documents begins around 5:00.

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