Boston Globe Exclusive: Here’s How Barack Obama Could Be a President Again

Yes, in these days of darkness as America suffers under the Trump regime, most reasonable Americans wish the beloved days of “no-drama Obama” could have continued,

And while we have a two-term limit for the office of President of the United States, there is another way Barack Obama could be a president.

It was revealed this week in The Boston Globe that former President’s name is on the list of candidates who could become the next President of Harvard University.

Just this week, current Harvard President, Drew Gilpin Faust, announced she would be stepping down after 11 years on the job. His resignation means the most prestigious position in all of American academics is open.

While a search committee has not yet been formed (its formation is expected with weeks), The Globe makes it clear that it’s much less about attracting talent, and much more about picking who they want:

But ultimately, this is Harvard, and executive search consultants and education experts said that the school can have its pick of candidates.

If Harvard goes the insider route, it will likely look to its provosts and deans. Faust, after all, was dean of the university’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study before she was picked as president.

The Globe highlights some of the names Harvard is sure to consider, and Obama – while unconventional in some ways – is on that list:

The former president was often accused of being too professorial — which might be a plus at Harvard. A former law school professor, he was also the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, in 1990. Obama has been busy since leaving office in January, traveling the world on the speaking circuit, defending his presidential legacy, and grabbing dinner with Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau. It’s not leader of the free world — but heading one of the world’s premier universities could hold lots of appeal.

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