If You Are Going to Protest Trump, Do It Holding a Bernie Sign

The political establishment that controls most of the US government is engaged in staging a phony revolution against Trump. According to Armoryoftherevolution.com the Resist and anti-Trump demos and rhetoric are directed by the Democratic leadership, funded by George Soros, and fanned by mainstream media.

The cacophony of those screaming about Trump is drowning out those who are pointing out that Hillary and the Democrats are responsible for Trump.

The Democratic leadership could not be more transparent. By creating public hysteria about Trump, even the Wall Street hacks who run the Democratic party will appear progressive in comparison.

And that is the plan. It is the “vote blue no matter who” gameplan that Hillary’s camp tried to sell to Democratic voters. The same gameplan that was soundly rejected in the race between Trump and Hillary.

The Democratic leadership hopes to unite rank-and-file Democrats on women’s issues and immigration, and to thus nominate another Wall Street Whore in 2020. They hope to divert the attention of the rank-and-file from the chasm that exists between progressives and Wall Street Democrats.

The fact that the Democratic establishment opposes universal healthcare, which progressives support.

That Wall street Democrats support corporate welfare, which progressives oppose.

That Wall Street Democrats support corporate funding of campaigns and gifts to public officials, which progressives oppose..

That Wall Street Democrats support fracking, pipelines, Arctic drilling, mining on public lands, etc, all of which progressives oppose.

That Wall street Democrats support regime changes, the killing of civilians by drones, bombing of countries we are not at war with, etc. All of which progressives oppose. .

Progressives will have none of it.

The protests in the streets are smoke and mirrors. They help the Hillbots, the Wall Street Democrats, DNC, the lobbyists who own most of the Congress.

So long as the protests are focused on Trump, the Democratic leadership is insulated from criticism and responsibility.

Should the protests instead be focused in favor of change, in favor of a new Democratic party, in favor of Bernie, in favor of political revolution, we will defeat both Trump and the neoliberal corporatists who control the Democratic party.

So, if you are going to protest Trump, by all means have at it.

Just be sure to carry a Bernie sign while doing so.

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