Trump Dials The Crazy Up To Level 10 & Loses Control During Wild Morning Freak Out

He’s escaping again to Florida to host a rally campaign…for himself naturally. He needs the million or million and a half unpaid supporters to re-boost his ego.

According to BR, President Trump took full credit this morning for the upturn in the stock market — even though, unsurprisingly, it’s questionable at best whether or not he’s actually done anything to warrant him taking credit for an upswinging financial market.

He wrote on Twitter this morning, “Stock market hits new high with longest winning streak in decades. Great level of confidence and optimism — even before tax plan rollout!”

Trump is however, fundamentally and unsurprisingly, missing the point. One, it’s short sighted to blame “optimism and confidence” for the “longest winning streak in decades,” even though optimism and confidence may, in fact, be up on the part of most of the big players in the stock market. Trump has already given major corporations a free pass in working to dismantle regulations on banks and financial institutions, for instance. Thus, with that free pass injecting a flagrant intensity into major corporations’ operations, the stock market has gone up — but that’s hardly the full story.

Donald Trump did not start wheeling and dealing his free passes to major corporations in a void. He inherited an economy cultivated for eight years by the Obama Administration. The Obama Admin’s economic policies are what allowed for corporations to ever be in a position to even benefit from Trump’s free passes. Obama threw down the hammer on issues of big corporations, and financial institutions in particular, getting out of control, and that allowed the American economy to flourish.

It was a long, hard road that the Obama admin set out on when taking on the responsibility to make America’s economy work again, but it was a long, hard road that brought the economy to the low point that Obama found it in, so what can you say.

There’s one other thing to note here. Trump tweeted this morning about the stock market; yada, yada, yada, what’s new.

What his tweet shines a light on is where Trump’s priorities lie. When asked about anti-Semitism at a Wednesday press conference, he gave a delusional answer. Issues of minority communities and actually taking a humanitarian approach to policy issues is not something that figures prominently for Trump. However, when addressing the stock market, you get Trump’s full attention, with him throwing out grand assertions like this one.

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