Russia Just Did Something It Didn’t Dare Do Under Obama

As President Trump struggles to contain the fallout from the resignation of his National Security Adviser, a new crisis has presented itself – and his response will tell you all we need to know about his relationship with Russia and the way he intends to deal with the Kremlin’s aggressive behavior.
According to OD, US officials are accusing the Russian Federation of secretly deploying a new cruise missile, the SSC-8, potentially violating a major 1987 arms control treaty that helped end the Cold War that banned ground-based ballistic missile launchers capable of flying up to 3,400 miles.

The Obama Administration had attempted to convince Moscow to abandon the project; instead, it is now apparent that Russia has two battalions of the new cruise missile launcher, one at the Kapustin Yar missile test site and one at an undisclosed location elsewhere.

This development throws a wrench into Trump’s efforts at a detente with the Russian Federation. Former NATO commander Gen. Philip M. Breedlove called it a development that “can’t go unanswered.”

Trump and his team, who are still struggling to fill important national security positions and now must find a new National Security Adviser as well, are woefully unprepared to deal with this new development.

Now we will see how Donald Trump really fares under pressure, and whether his potential blackmail by the Russian Federation will prevent him from taking any substantial action to respond to the egregious violation of international treaty.

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