Elizabeth Warren Just Broke Facebook With Her Response To Flynn’s Resignation

According to BR, Senator Elizabeth Warren has become known, over the course of the 2016 presidential election, as a woman who should have just run for the position herself. She has been there, since the beginning, calling Trump and his cronies out for every immoral or unjust action they take.

After last night’s sudden resignation of General Flynn, the role of National Security Advisor is empty, and Trump critics like Warren and McCain have wasted no time issuing responses to the beginning of the Trump Administration’s decline.

Warren just took to her Facebook page to address the issue. She said:

“Michael Flynn’s blinding religious hatred and shady Russian ties disqualified him as National Security Adviser on day one. His removal is a win for American values. But American national security demands that we not allow Michael Flynn to become a scapegoat for this Administration’s disturbing ties to Russia.”

“This isn’t a game. Reports say the Russians conducted a series of successful cyber-attacks on our elections to help elect Donald Trump. Reports say our own intelligence agencies have corroborated parts of a dossier alleging that Russia has compromising information about Donald Trump. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has close ties to Putin. Commerce Secretary nominee Wilbur Ross has close financial ties to Putin buddies. Donald Trump is still making money overseas and may have financial ties to Russia. Nobody knows since he STILL won’t release his taxes.”

“This. Is. Not. Normal. President Trump owes the American people a full account of his Administration’s dealings with Russia, both before and after the election. When did the White House know that Flynn lied? What other contacts with Russia occurred during the campaign? Who knew what? Who approved what?”

“Congress must pull its head out of the sand and launch a real, bipartisan, transparent inquiry into Russia. Our national security is at stake.”

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