Michigan Republican Says Only Solution To Protests Is ‘Another Kent State’ Massacre (DETAILS)

Republicans are absolutely nuts. They’re all about protecting and defending the Constitution and all its amendments, but only when the Constitution is protecting what they like. When it protects something or someone they don’t like? Well, then, we should call for either violence or widespread law enforcement action, because those are the only solutions.

According to UU a member of Michigan’s Marquette County Republican Party took to his social media accounts to voice his, ahem, displeasure with the recent protests against white supremacists and Donald Trump. Speaking specifically of the protests against a known white supremacist at UC-Berkeley, which turned violent, Dan Adamini took to both Facebook and Twitter to inform us all of how to stop campus protests:

“The violent protests at our universities certainly indicates Portage acacian and the lower level. I’m thinking another Kent State might be the only solution protest stopped after only one death. They do it because they know there are no consequences yet.”

And both posts have since been deleted, because of course they have. Especially since he also tweeted “Too many blows to the Head during protests?” about Rep. John Lewis’ statement that Trump is an illegitimate president.

What is with the right-wing believing that protests are stupid wastes of time, put on by unemployed, illiterate morons who should be arrested at best, and executed at worst? Given Adamini’s Twitter feed, which is full of tweets that further reinforce his low opinion of protesters, he meant every word.

Of course, if Hillary had won and conservatives were protesting, he’d likely be right there alongside them.

He’s been condemned repeatedly for calling for the deaths of protesters, and his excuse is typical of Republicans who experience severe backlash for saying something horrific:

“A lot of heat.” He meant it and he knows it, he’s just making excuses now.

No word yet from the Marquette Count GOP on whether he’ll be censured or dismissed, although both ought to happen. Instead the Marquette County GOP issued this lukewarm, we’re-not-responsible-don’t-hurt-us statement on their Facebook page:

All members at that level are volunteers, but Adamini should be dismissed from his duties and not allowed to ever hold office with a political party again.

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