As Everyone Watches the Inauguration, Violence Returns to Standing Rock

Shameful on the part of our government and the greedy oil companies. Go away and leave these proud people alone. Can’t believe there isn’t a government agency that would step in and help them protect their lands and water. If their numbers weren’t so few, it would serve this country right if the Native Americans rose up and took their country back before the climate deniers, science deniers and EPA haters destroy it for everyone. So sad the way they have been treated. Government put them on reservations years ago on what they thought was the most bleak, worthless lands in the country that no one else had any use for. Then when they found oil, ores or anything to satisfy their greed they are right back exploiting the people and their lands. Disgraceful!

According to NT early Friday afternoon, all eyes and ears from around the world seemed to focus on Washington D.C. for the inauguration of America’s 45th president, Donald J. Trump. The political pundits and social media armchair activists were ranting and raving about what exactly “Make America Great Again” is going to mean for Americans. Meanwhile, violence broke out in the streets of D.C. as anti-Trump protesters clashed with Trump supporters and law enforcement. But while the nation is distracted by the selection of the latest puppet-in-chief, violence has returned to North Dakota in the ongoing fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

After a relatively quiet December and early January, tensions are running high at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline near Cannonball, North Dakota. Over the weekend, water protectors with the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies once again clashed with the Morton County Sheriff’s Department and the National Guard.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, social media accounts connected to the fight against the DAPL and in support of the Sioux posted several videos showing law enforcement using tear gas and rubber bullets on water protectors who attempted to set up a tipi on Backwater bridge off highway 1806. Social media reports state law enforcement grabbed an “unknown amount of water protectors.” Backwater Bridge was the site of conflict throughout the months of October and November.

The Morton County Sheriff’s announced 21 arrests on Wednesday night via their Facebook page. The following is an account of the protests as reported by the Sheriff’s office

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