Trump’s Extreme Sunday Morning Meltdown Continues – Incoherence Only Gets Worse

He doesn’t understand that he didn’t win “popular” vote. He’s vicious! Also, the protest at the auguration was peaceful & represented all. The violent demonstration in my opinion was orchestrated by Dump’s henchmen.

Remember, just because Donald Trump has officially been inaugurated, that does not mean that the near-daily Twitter rants will actually stop.

Heck, According to BR President Trump asked the crowds at both the Liberty and Freedom Balls that were held on Inauguration Night if he should “keep the Twitter going.” The crowd, of course, cheered in both instances that Trump mentioned his prolific usage of the 140 character defined social media platform, something that the president claims he “has” to rely on in order to bypass the “dishonest media.”

On Sunday morning, Trump attacked on Twitter the millions of protesters who came out in a show of opposition to his presidency around the nation at the various “Women’s Marches” held around the country (and world) on Saturday. The crowd for the D.C. Women’s March was, in fact, bigger than the crowd for the swearing-in ceremony itself, something sure to irk the obsessively self-centered Trump greatly.

On that note, the president wrote on Sunday morning, “Watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election! Why didn’t these people vote? Celebs hurt cause badly.”

Mind you, there was no major violence reported from any of the Women’s Marches. No limousines were set ablaze, no destruction of property took place, etc., etc. The marches were thoroughly family friendly events.

Also, marchers showed up for an array of reasons when it gets right down to it, although organizers planned the original D.C. march as specifically addressing Donald Trump’s most spitefully sexist comments and the threat that a woman’s right to choose an abortion faces under the Trump/ Pence administration.

It’s this, this peaceful gathering of people concerned about the future of women’s rights, and not without good reason, judging off of both Trump and Pence’s attitude towards women, this peaceful event is what the president of this country has just so virulently targeted with one of his latest tweets.

Trump has, with his tweet, targeted the very freedoms that make America, well, America. According to Trump, there’s no room for any kind of dissent to his presidential administration. That’s why he’s cracked down so hard on the press over their unsavory coverage of him.

The issue here is simple. Donald Trump simply does not prioritize the First Amendment over his own personal gain.

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