The CIA’s drama queen response to Trump criticism indicates that maybe these people shouldn’t have so much power

According to NL shortly after the November election, conservative pundit Ann Coulter wrote a brief, vitriolic column for her website titled “Literally Shaking,” which begins with the line, “Until the nationwide protests of the last few days, I had no idea how bad the problem was, but our nation is drowning in drama queenery.”

I wasn’t quite bold enough to admit this to my lefty readership back then, and I felt bad, I really did — but I laughed. Quietly. To myself. I may have even snorted a little.

Because it was true! My usually cynical intellectual know-it-all cardigan-loving liberal friends were suddenly a bunch of teeth-gnashing half-crazed loons, calling everyone who wasn’t participating in their garment-rending freakout a Nazi, reveling in an opportunity to practice widespread, culturally supported melodrama and bragging about how much they were vomiting and shaking because of the election results. They were acting the exact opposite of the way a nation of people who had just averted a war with a nuclear superpower should act, and reading Coulter say things like “In Hiplandia, ‘I couldn’t stop crying!’ and ‘I vomited!’ are dispositive proof that Trump is a bad man — not that these people are mentally unbalanced” was a cathartic relief from the hysteria.

Because of how often the phrase is employed with regard to Trump, “I’m literally shaking” has become something of a meme in conservative circles for the way liberals have been losing their minds over not getting their warmongering corporate crony into the White House. And I’m glad. Making fun of these goofballs helps remove dignity and normalization from their ridiculous outbursts so those of us who actually want to advance a real progressive agenda can detach ourselves from their inertia and get to work. True progressives should have no qualms about saying “Oh, get a grip” to the people trying to act like Trump just read a transcript from a Hitler speech at his inaugural address and turning people’s attention to real things that are actually happening.

It’s not liberals’ fault that they’ve gone bat butt crazy; for more than a year they were pummeled with a relentless media psy-op hypnotizing them into the idea that President Donald Trump is the worst thing that could possibly happen, and then it happened. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did, and now mainstream liberal Americans are suffering the consequences of the establishment manipulations that were inflicted upon them. But dear God their entitled, baseless, self-righteous nonstop drama queening is annoying sometimes.

And now even the CIA has joined in.

In an article from McClatchy DC titled “CIA morale plummets as Trump becomes president,” a number of CIA veterans tell the esteemed publication how impossible it is for this grizzled band of spies, manipulators, warmongers and assassins to do their job now that Donald Trump has hurt their feelings.

A former assistant director of central intelligence for analysis and production named Mark Lowenthal told McClatchy that Trump’s asking “Are we living in Nazi Germany?” in a Twitter rant accusing intelligence agencies of leaking falsified stories about him to the public “makes life more dangerous for the United States.”

“It becomes very hard to do good work when the man you’re working for compares you to Nazis,” Lowenthal said.

Uhh, no it doesn’t. I really hope that’s not something people within the CIA are actually saying. These are the people who’ve orchestrated the overthrow of entire governments the world over, who are trained how to kill a man with their bare hands when doing work on the field, and they can’t do their job now because a mean tweet hurt their fee fees? What the hell kinda crap is that? I don’t care if Trump sends out a tweet calling you a stinky poop face, you’re in the freaking CIA. Suck it up, buttercup.

“It’s almost impossible for the agency to function if the chief executive expresses a preference for the National Enquirer and Russian intelligence than to any view from (his own) intelligence community,” says 23-year CIA veteran and hyperbole enthusiast Glenn Carle, who adds that his contacts still in the agency “are angry and apoplectic about the error and stupidness and blindness to knowledge.”

You know, I’m just gonna run this up the flagpole and see who salutes it, but maybe if these people can’t handle a little slap on the ego once in a while, then maybe they shouldn’t be running the world. These are the same people who Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer recently said will “get back at” any President who dares defy them, which could only have been either a threat or an acknowledgment of an already existing threat against any President who fails to fall in line. These people are so powerful that they can retaliate against a President, but they can’t do their jobs if someone calls them a Nazi? Bitch, I write about progressive politics with a hard-left slant; I’ve been called a Nazi four times today. And here I am still showing up for work, because that’s my damn job.

Here’s another perspective worth considering: CIA officer turned whistleblower John Kiriakou recently wrote a piece titled “I Have Come to the Conclusion the Country Does Not Need a CIA,” wherein he makes the case that the agency lies so much and gets into so much mischief all over the world that it really isn’t worth it anymore.

“[W]e can certainly have a discussion about whether or not the country even needs a CIA,” Kiriakou writes. “I have come to the conclusion that it does not. The excellent civil servants in the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research can do the analysis. The Pentagon’s Defense Humint Services can recruit and run human sources around the world. A myriad of DoD and other civilian offices and bureaus can do the science and technology development.”

It’s definitely a conversation worth having, especially as these creeps keep ramping up their efforts to manufacture consent for a war with Russia. Maybe we can get the CIA an electric blanket or something to help with the shaking in the meantime.

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