Trump Tried To Stop These Embaraasing Inauguration Photos From Going Public, Too Bad! (PHOTOS)

On Friday, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

Trump flaunted how popular he supposedly was throughout his entire presidential campaign but when it came down to it, the crowd was scant. The typical length of a presidential parade is four hours, however Trumps wasn’t even half of that. It was a mere 90 minutes and Trump was thrilled it was over because that also meant the humiliation of standing in nearly bare streets was over too.

According to BR as Trump made his way down Pennsylvania Avenue, it was nearly impossible to miss the large areas that looked as if it had been deserted. Of course, Trump’s crew had an excuse for why the seats were empty.

Apparently, there was a mishap with the distribution of the tickets rather than disgust for the new president. It is highly unlikely that anyone forgot to hand out or even purchase tickets to the inauguration. Trump did not want to face the fact that people simply had no interest in making an appearance to honor him. No one wanted to see him be sworn in and listen to the ridiculousness flowing from his filthy mouth.

The disgrace and let down Trump experienced Friday is just the first of many to come. Trump is incapable of handling criticism and takes it all to heart. He despises any one who opposes him and lashes out for the absence of support.

The absence of supporters and fan is exactly what happens when the president only has a 37% approval rating and lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.

Elizabeth Thorp said:

‘The big #Inauguration story is turnout. Stands are bare, streets clear & metro empty. There’ll be more marchers than Inaugural attendees.’

For a good laugh check out this video that showed the stands while they walked through the route. It is damn near impossible not to chuckle at this sight:

John Aravosis tweeted: ‘

Incredible. No one showed up for the inaugural parade. Stands are all empty.’

Various people tweeted about the humiliating emptiness in the stands during the parade on Friday:

This whole Trump Inaugural Parade has felt and had the energy of a funeral. And the empty stands/small crowds reinforce the hollowness.

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