These photos prove more people showed up for the Women’s March than Trump’s Inauguration

How much more apparent does it have to be to send a clear message to the Neoconservatives who voted for Trump? Trump’s ascension of power was based on fear mongering, scapegoating, racism and male chauvinism. These women are brave enough to face prosecution from their peers, their places of occupation and their families to voice their opinion of the matter. Without women none of us would be here. Yet equal pay for equal jobs is still a fantasy, and the president is caught on tape explaining how you just grab them they let you get away with it because you’re a star?! That’s not ok, that’s not a good example that’s assault.

According to UU the Women’s March on Washington protesting Donald Trump is turning out to be far more popular than Trump’s inauguration, and these pictures prove it.

Washington’s public transit system (the Metro) has been completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of people using it to get to the National Mall, where the march is taking place. Twitter user Liz Richards drove by an early-morning line at a Metro stop, where people were waiting hours in line for the next train. Bloomberg Politics reporter Jennifer Jacobs tweeted a photo of marchers crammed into a Metro car like sardines, all of whom appeared to be going to the march. The Huffington Post’s Philip Lewis tweeted stunning overhead views of the Shady Grove Metro stop, where some of the longest lines were queuing up.

The difference in popularity between the women’s march and Trump’s inauguration is clear, when looking at Metro lines for the latter. ThinkProgress reporter Alice Ollstein tweeted a photo of a “deserted” yellow line Metro stop on the morning of the inauguration. Congressional staffer Jeff Raines further illustrated the lack of interest in Trump’s inauguration with a side-by-side comparison photo of Metro cars for the Women’s March vs. the inauguration. the LA Times’ Matt Pearce did the same.

The Women’s March is expected to attract at least 200,000 people to the National Mall, where attendees will be rallying before marching to the South lawn of the White House.

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