Patton Oswalt Pens POWERFUL Message To Americans For Inauguration Day, Trump Will Be PISSED (IMAGE)

As today is the day Donald Trump will officially be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, the majority of Americans are in mourning and truly don’t know what to do with these feelings of despair and hopelessness, knowing full well that President Barack Obama is being replaced by an undeserving, dangerous loose cannon.

According to NCT many celebrities are joining protests and speaking out, and one of them is actor and comedian Patton Oswalt. Oswalt, who has publicly spoken out against Trump before, wrote a letter to Americans last night in an attempt to comfort a nation of people that are both grieving and terrified. It was an important message, and one that may offer you and your loved ones comfort today.

Oswalt wrote:

“I don’t know what to do tomorrow, either. Or the day after that or ANY of the days after that. We’ll have to make it up as we go along. If it’s any comfort, that seems to be Trump’s plan, too.

I know there are protest marches planned for the 20th and ESPECIALLY for Saturday. And that’s a great idea. I’m glad to see they’re happening in “red” states as well as in D.C., Los Angeles and NYC.”

But in case you were unable to attend any of the protests and marches, Oswalt reminded Americans that there were many other ways to send a strong message to Trump:

“Another thing you could do tomorrow, and Saturday? But ESPECIALLY tomorrow?

Leave your TV tuned to a channel like Turner Classic Movies or National Geographic or any channel that will have zero inaugural coverage. Then turn off your phone. Then shut down your computer.

And then — IF you can afford it — go find a struggling theater company and pay to see whatever play they’re putting on. Or a struggling art gallery or music club or museum. Leave ’em money and see what they’re about. Go see an indie film that’s got stellar reviews and no audience. Or a new restaurant or other small business that needs friends and customers. Download a new band. Go to an independent bookstore and buy something from a small press. Go to an open mike. Or see any comedian. Tip your barista or barkeep a little extra.

In other words, do all of the cultural and aesthetic things that Trump thinks are worthless. Make a whole big chunk of existence suddenly spike in importance. And then keep doing that, if you can.”

Of course, Oswalt knows full well that Trump HATES anything that takes the attention off of him – so he’ll be devastated to know people aren’t watching his inauguration.

Oswalt also reminded Americans to unite and be there for their fellow citizens – especially the ones that will be targeted under the new administration:

“And if you DON’T have any money? Go knock on your neighbor’s door and see if they need anything. If you have a friend who’s Muslim, or gay, or any one of dozens of people that Trump has sneered at or hinted darkly about, go say hi and just ask if they’re okay. Tell ’em you’ve got their back. That they can come over any time, knock on the door, even if they just need someone to yell “F*CK” with.”

Oswalt ended his note by telling Americans not to give up, and to bring light into the world to fight the darkness:

“We’ve got a President who bellows cold ignorance from dawn to dusk, and he could give a sh*t if he kills that spark.

So keep it lit. And keep things light. And huddle up.

This is gonna be bad. So be good.”

You can read his full post below:

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