Obama’s Final Tweets Reveal A Good Man Who Achieved Greatness As President

“Though we may think that for better or worse, we get the president we deserve, there are times over these past eight years when I think we‘ve gotten a president who is more than we deserve — someone who calls us to a higher purpose, someone who shows us what is best in us. I think Barack Obama is one of those.” ~Neal Gabler.

According to PU President Obama put out two final tweets as president that were messages of gratitude and hope for the nation’s future. Obama shows what can happen when America elects a person a good character who has a vision of greatness for his country.

President Obama leaves office having governed one of the most ethical and scandal free presidential administrations in US history. Obama has always kept his eye on what he liked to refer to as America’s better angels, and never lost his optimism and belief in what our nation could become.

Historians will judge the level of greatness that Obama achieved, but he leaves behind a legacy that is virtually unmatched since The New Deal. As a candidate, Obama promised hope and change, and he delivered on both.

Republicans are about to spend the next few years attempting to undo Obama’s legacy, but they won’t be able to repeal and replace the country that Obama showed the American people is possible.

Obama has changed America for the better in ways that Republicans will never be able to take back.

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