Leader Of Nazi-Founded Austrian Neofascist Political Party Invited To Trump Inauguration

What is Trump doing talking to all these people. Now the Nazi’s of Austria. Putin in Russia. We are going to have a big fight on our hands. Trump is not even in office yet, and he is doing these things. I don’t think he wanted to be President. It was the Evangelicals that talked him into it. Just because they wanted a Republican President reguardless of his character and lack of knowledge. It will be hard to ever trust any of them again. And all they want is a republican church. If you are a democrat you will never be fully accepted. So not Christ like.

According to OD the comparison of President-elect Donald Trump to that of murderous German dictator Adolph Hitler has gained further credence due to Trump’s administration making it a point to hang around with literal Nazis. To add insult to injury, a Nazi leader has been officially invited to attend Trump’s inauguration.

Trump’s National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, met with the leader of Austria’s “Freedom Party” Heinz-Christian Strache back in December. The Freedom party has a long history of being aligned with Nazis, as its first leader was Anton Reinthaller, who was a literal former Nazi official and member of Nazi’s elite SS. What the two discussed is not known, but it likely had to do with Strache offering Flynn pointers to pass on to Trump on how to make the population docile and accepting of grotesque human rights atrocities.

The Trump team wanted to keep the meeting quiet, but Strache was proud of the meeting which took place at Trump Tower in Manhattan and he posted all about it on Facebook. The post is below where Strache confirmed, “a meeting with Michael Flynn and other high-ranking U.S. politicians.”

Stratche also said that during the meeting he signed an agreement with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, “Today Signed … a working agreement with the United Russia party of President Vladimir Putin.” This entire debacle was a who’s who of villainous government leaders.

On top of all of this gut-wrenching behavior, which should make any American with a semblance of patriotism sick, Strache received an official invitation to Trump’s inauguration. He confirmed this via a Facebook post:

Apparently Strache was invited by none other than Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who is surely one of the worst Congressmen to ever sit in the House of Representatives. This was confirmed by a publication named “The Local” who wrote:

The invitation allegedly came from the US-Congressman from Iowa, Steve King, who is known for his ultraconservative views and strong support for Trump.

Trump and his team do themselves no favors by continuing to be associated with such disreputable figures. Given that Trump is shamelessly allowing Strache to attend speaks mountains to his willingness to welcome such hateful individuals with open arms. This is, of course, after Trump publicly admonished other hate groups by saying he “denounces hate in any form.” Obviously not.

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