A Bombshell Audio Just Leaked Of Trump Admitting He Gets “Along With Putin Well”

Does anyone honestly think Putin, who has a brain and intelligence training and experience, can’t wrap Trump around his little finger with almost no effort at all? His son spoke blatantly of the numerous dealings with Russia a couple of years ago… then at the ‘Press Conference’ he denied any exist. He doesn’t even both to attempt to speak the truth…. and obviously his supporters just don’t care to hear the truth.

According to OD Donald Trump told a nationally syndicated radio host that he has met with Vladimir Putin and “got along with him great, by the way.”

President-elect Trump’s stunning admission happened on October 6th, 2015 on the nationally syndicated Savage Nation radio program during the Republican primary campaign.

Savage: “Have you met Vladimir Putin?”

Trump: “Yes….”

Savage: “You have?”

Trump: “One time, yes a long time ago. Got along with him great, by the way.”

You can listen to the podcast below, which is published on YouTube by the widely followed account SavageNationLiberty.

Michael Savage is a nationally syndicated, right-wing radio broadcaster and author, who has interviewed Donald Trump numerous times over the years and during the campaign.

The Democratic Coalition recently unearthed the audio file with a 12 minute segment, in middle of which (at the 5:27 mark) Donald Trump admits to having met with the Russian President.

“Over the entire course of his campaign, and even in the days since his election, President-elect Trump has denied that he has had any relationship with Vladimir Putin,” said Scott Dworkin, Senior Advisor to the Democratic Coalition. “We now have Trump himself recorded twice admitting to knowing Putin. We deserve to know the truth about the person who will be inaugurated as our President on Friday.”

Throughout the campaign and after the election, Trump has contradicted himself many times when it comes to his “relationship” with Vladimir Putin.

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