Top 6 Overrated Fake News Stories Trump Made Up Or Passed Along As Real (VIDEO)

For the past few weeks, we have heard the term “fake news” being tossed around. According to LA President-elect Donald Trump even used it at his first press conference since the election. He attacked a CNN reporter and called the whole organization “fake news.” Well, #Trumplethinskin has spread his fair share of fake news stories. Here are some examples:

1. Birther Movement
This is the obvious one. When President Barack Obama was elected, Trump started the “birther movement” by spreading the story that Obama is a Muslim from Kenya. In reality, Obama is a Christian from Hawaii. In 2012, Trump offered a $5 million reward to the person who could find Obama’s long form birth certificate. He lost that bet last year when he finally admitted that Obama was born in the United States.

Trump even thinks that a State Health Director in Hawaii was killed in some kind of cover-up surrounding Obama’s birth certificate.

2. Hillary Clinton Was Too Ill To Serve As President
During the entire campaign, Trump spread rumors about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. There were all kinds of rumors spread that Clinton was dying or in very poor health. His supporters were definitely buying it.

One man in Pennsylvania went full stupid and said he was worried about Clinton getting her period and being unable to serve. Aside from the obvious sexism… She’s 70.

3. The Election Is Rigged And People Voted Illegally
During the campaign, Trump kept saying over and over again that the election would be “rigged.” After the election, Trump said that he actually won the popular vote if you deduct the “illegals” who supposedly voted.

He called out several states and accused them of voter fraud, saying:

“Serious voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California – so why isn’t the media reporting on this? Serious bias.”

4. Ted Cruz’s Father Was Involved In Kennedy Assassination
Donald Trump spent several days spreading the ridiculously false story claiming Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, saying:

“What was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the death? Before the shooting? It’s horrible.”

Ted Cruz tried to make a joke about it when he said:

“Yes, my dad killed JFK, he is secretly Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa is buried in his backyard.”

He also called the story “tabloid trash.”

5. Syrian Christians Can’t Come In
Immigration was a big topic in Trump’s campaign. He once said he wants to ban Muslims from coming into this country. Trump also said that Syrian Christians can’t come into this country under Obama’s administration. He said:

“If you’re from Syria and you’re a Christian, you cannot come into this country, and they’re the ones that are being decimated. If you are Islamic … it’s hard to believe, you can come in so easily. In fact, it’s one of our main groups of people that are coming in. Now, not that we should discriminate against one or the other, but if you are Christian, you cannot get into the country. You cannot get into the country.”

6. Oakland and Ferguson Are The Most Dangerous Cities In The World
Trump actually said:

“There are places in America that are among the most dangerous in the world. You go to places like Oakland. Or Ferguson. The crime numbers are worse. Seriously.”

Those cities do have a high crime rate for this country; however, none of the worst cities in the world is in America. The mayor of Oakland had this to say about it:

Here is Trevor Noah’s strategy for dealing with Donald Trump’s lies:

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