MI6 Agent Steele Just Accused FBI Of Covering Up Russian Blackmail To Help Trump

According to OD A former MI6 agent, which is the same agency that fictionally employed James Bond, says he had damning evidence against President-elect Donald Trump for months but it was never released to the public because the FBI sat on it in an effort to cover it up and help Donald Trump get elected.

The agent, Christopher Steele, was hired by Trump’s enemies to perform opposition research on Trump in June 2016. What Steele found was so troubling he felt compelled to give the information not only to his employers, but also to intelligence officials in the United States and UK. Steele did this because he believed the information he uncovered was more important than partisan leanings, but rather a matter of national security.

Steele claims to have written a memo to his contacts at the FBI which said Steele had evidence Trump and his campaign team had crafted a backroom deal with the Russian government. The deal included Trump playing down the Russian’s involvement in Ukraine, while simultaneously having Trump state he recognized Russia’s right to annex Crimea. Steele’s alleged memo further stated Trump and his campaign team agreed to this because they were aware the Russian government was actively hacking the Democratic party’s email system.

Steele grew despondent that the sources he contacted within the FBI were unwilling to move on the information he gave to them. It is believed by Steele that the leadership at the FBI purposely dragged their feet regarding Trump, as they supported his candidacy, and instead focused on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

After Trump shocked the world by defeating Clinton, Steele’s services were no longer needed but he continued to investigate Trump without pay.

There was allegedly a meeting which took place between Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and the former British Ambassador to Moscow named Sir Andrew Wood at a security conference. Wood is renowned for his intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Russian government. While Wood told McCain he had not read any of Steele’s memos, he swore to McCain that Steele was a highly reputable and professional individual. This conversation prompted McCain to become involved, and he arranged to meet with a conduit of Steele who passed him his memos. McCain then took the memos to FBI Director James Comey. Nothing was done on the FBI’s end.

At this time there is no evidence any of this actually happened other than the word of Christopher Steele who, as it happens, has disappeared from the public light.

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