Stephen Colbert Warns Trump He’s Finally Gone ‘Too Far’ (VIDEO)

Monday night on his show, Stephen Colbert weighed in on the raging debate over an issue which has consumed the country for the past 48 hours: The feud between Meryl Streep and Donald Trump.

Sunday evening at the Golden Globes, Streep made a speech in which she criticized Trump for making fun of disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski over the course of the 2016 campaign. According to LA A childish Trump responded via Twitter:

Colbert decided he couldn’t let Trump’s tweet go unchallenged, so he had this to say:

“Meryl Streep, overrated? Have you seen ‘Sophie’s Choice’? Have you seen ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’? Have you seen that one with the dead people that she’s even funny in that one?”

The Late Show host then added:

“Look, Mr. Trump, you can refuse to release your taxes, you can call to ban an entire religion, you can play footsie with a dictator, but calling Meryl Streep ‘overrated’? No.”

Hey, Donald: You’re in way over your head when you start trying to trade blows with people who actually have talent, unlike you.

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