Republicans Across America In PANIC After Realizing They Just Voted AWAY Health Insurance

The worst thing is making his supports hate an not believe the media…when they try to point out his lies it ramped up the hate on them…! They fell for that most still think they lie about him..! He wants his own media company so he can do or say anything he wants…I’m sure Putin is telling him how its done..!!

Disturbing plans to strip the nation’s poorest of their healthcare have been revealed, and those who would be affected by the plans becoming reality are freaking out — people who are, notably, flagrantly Republican, and thus of the same political party as those wishing to slash health coverage.

According to OD the healthcare slashing plans are taking shape in Kentucky, where recently elected Republican Governor Matt Bevin is flipping put over the costs to his state incurred by Medicaid expansions prompted by the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

Costs will rise for Bevin’s state in the coming years as the cost for the Medicaid expansion prompted by the ACA is shifted to the states. Under the ACA — also known as Obamacare — states will soon be paying 10 percent of the cost for Medicaid as administrated under the law.

What Bevin wants to do is alter how Medicaid works for his state, through such means as, according to NPR, “requiring Kentucky’s beneficiaries to pay monthly premiums of $1 to $37.50 and require non-disabled recipients to work or do community service for free dental and vision care.”

Of course, wealthy people have no work requirement in place to go to the doctor in the United States, let alone in Kentucky. But that doesn’t stop Bevin and his ideological colleagues from working to single out poor people anyway, as if healthcare is not something which should be treated the same way conservatives generally treat gun rights.

Bevin’s plans, no matter how innocent and supposedly well intentioned they may seem, would result in the stripping of healthcare from massive segments of Kentucky’s poorest, people who depend on the Medicaid expansion laid out under the ACA for their healthcare.

Take, for example, 47-year-old Ramiro Salazar, who lives with his wife and two children on a $733 monthly income and spoke to NPR.

At present, he, as NPR writes, “sees a doctor for his foot and ankle pain [and] meets regularly with a psychologist for anxiety and gets medication.”

All of that, however, could end since, as Salazar said simply, speaking of Bevin’s planned changes to the state’s Medicaid program, “I probably couldn’t afford it as I’m unemployed. It would hurt me pretty bad.”

The reason why Bevin’s cop-out style plans are rising to prominence — and sparking such concern — is simple: Donald Trump is going to be president. The president-elect has already been wide open with the fact that he plans to butcher Obamacare.

Some who would be affected by Trump and Bevin’s butchering of Kentucky’s Medicaid program have expressed obvious dismay. But, ironically, that doesn’t mean that they are abandoning their allegiance to the Republican Party.

Go figure.

Take, for example, Lisa Botner, a 36-year-old community college student.

She said at one point, as quoted in the Lexington Herald-Leader, “If anything changed with our insurance to make it more expensive for us, that would be a big problem. Just with the blood tests, you’re talking maybe $1,000 a year without insurance.”

So did this set of very legitimate concerns stop her from stubbornly clinging to her Republican allegiance?


Following her first comments, she added, “I’m just a die-hard Republican.”

The apocalyptic age of white nationalism effectively promised by political leaders like Bevin and Trump isn’t as rosy as it seems. But that isn’t stopping white nationalists, wannabe or otherwise, from signing up for it.

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