BREAKING: Man Arrested For Wild Assassination Threat On Donald Trump (DETAILS)

According to BR a Florida man threatened president-elect Donald Trump and landed himself in jail. The U.S. Secret Service arrested Kevin Krohn, 59, after he posted comments threatening to kill or injure Trump on his Facebook page.

Law enforcement informed the Secret Service agents who protect Trump about the postings, according to the Sun-Sentinel. In court records, the agents explained what the man had posted:

‘I’m just glad Obama didn’t take all our gunz! I see a good use for one now. He’s not my president / He’s an enemy of the state.’

Krohn posted a comment above a photo of a man in camouflage carrying a scoped sniper rife. His was in a thread of comments related to the president-elect’s holiday season visit to his Florida estate Mar-a-Largo. The jailed man wrote:

‘The EXPEDITER of Trump! He will never last long!’

Then another Facebook reader asked what Krohn meant. Agents said Krohn wrote:

‘Keep yer eyes open!’

Agents tracked the Florida man to his home in Pembroke Pines where they arrested him Thursday evening. As a result of his comments, he could face federal charges of threatening to inflict bodily harm or take the life of the president-elect. The crime carries a maximum five years in federal prison plus a $250,000 fine.

In court records, agents indicated:

‘Krohn became confrontational when asked if he made the statements threatening the PEOTUS [President-elect of the United States]. Krohn declared any statements he made were an expression of his First Amendment rights.’

When the agents asked if he made threats against the president-elect, they reported that Krohn became more confrontational:

‘[He] began pacing in the yard, and in a loud voice said, “Well then, arrest me.”’

According to agents, Krohn had opened his laptop computer to an article someone had posted on Facebook about “a recent harassment incident” involving Ivanka Trump.

Authorities said Krohn’s girlfriend told the investigators she was not aware of him making any threats of violence against anyone.

Krohn served two terms in state prison on the charge of a drug offense and driving on a suspended license.

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