Donald Trump’s Doctor Makes VERY Disturbing Announcement On His Health (DETAILS)

“They just keep dying.”? How far down the succession til we get someone sane? lol

Ah, Trump’s doctor, the fabulous Harold Bornstein.

Bornstein just sat down for an interview with the health and sciences publication Stat News and offered up some words of wisdom about Trump’s health and the line of presidential succession. Not unlike Trump himself, Bornstein doesn’t seem to take the presidency very seriously.

According to BR he first commented to his interviewer when asked about his take on the health of the man about to take office as the nation’s oldest commander-in-chief ever that he had never even thought of that distinction of Trump’s administration until the interviewer mentioned it. (Trump, when inaugurated in January 2017 will be 70 years old, thus one year older than Ronald Reagan was at the time of his inauguration.)

Bornstein said:

‘It never occurred to me that he was the oldest president, not for a second. If something happens to him, then it happens to him. It’s like all the rest of us, no? That’s why we have a vice president and a speaker of the House and a whole line of people. They can just keep dying.’

“They can just keep dying.”


Perhaps Bornstein is where Trump got his worldview from, the worldview that allows him to pass up his daily security briefings while finding plenty of time to tweet over and over and over again? Bornstein has reportedly been Trump’s personal physician since 1980.

Keeping the same person as the leader of the United States and as the nation’s public face to the world for a reasonable period of time is normally a lot more of a serious issue than one to prompt a comment of “they can just keep dying.”

Bornstein added at one point in his interview that he does not know if he will be asked to move his practice to Washington, D.C. in order to stay on as Trump’s doctor but, nevertheless, he’s not worried about it.

He said that there is “nothing to share” on a regular basis about Trump’s health, adding, “Ronald Reagan had pre-senile dementia. I mean, seriously, did they share that one with you, or did Nancy just cover it up?”

Only time will tell how much Bornstein’s words prove relevant should something happen to Trump or not, health-wise.

Health became a big issue during the presidential campaign as Trump and his now defeated opponent, Hillary Clinton, sparred over who was the healthier one.

A catalyst for this debate was a high profile incident that saw Clinton seemingly nearly faint at a New York City memorial ceremony for the victims of 9/11, something credited by the Clinton campaign to a recently diagnosed case of pneumonia.

Bornstein gained prominence as Trump’s personal physician at this time when a short letter addressing the then-presidential candidate’s health that Bornstein wrote became widely circulated since it was the closest thing to official medical information that Trump had released to date.

The letter, something which Bornstein still stands behind, is a strange glitch of a thing in terms of decent medical practice at best and a disgrace to medicine at worst, offering up no evidence for claims such as that “if elected, Mr. Trump… will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

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