GOP Announces End To ‘Obamacare’ In 100 Days, The Replacement Plan Is INSANE

Republican’s, leave ACA alone. Leave Social Security alone. Leave food stamps alone. Leave Education alone. Please don’t destroy the social safety net. Only to create more wealth for the wealthy. If the GOP repeals the individual mandate, as many people as possible ought to drop coverage and flood the ER for the slightest ailment. That will force the GOP to adopt single payer. Either way, dropping the mandate will send premiums and health costs soaring. If 50 million relatively healthy people dropped coverage, Congress would be in danger of losing their coverage as insurance companies along with everyone else who could no longer afford coverage.

According to BR The GOP is nearly orgasmic about the opportunity to repeal Obamacare (Affordable Care Act/ACA). But then what will they do? Speaker Paul Ryan plans to repeal Obamacare in Donald Trump’s first 100 days, but what will Republicans put in place instead of it? Their path to healthcare is a crooked one leading to third-world health care.

Ryan, whose biggest donors are in the insurance industry, is weasel-wording the public, saying they will replace the ACA with guaranteed “universal access” to healthcare and coverage. But, and here is the clincher, they will not ensure everyone has insurance. What?

One of people’s main concerns is that repealing the ACA would mean 20 million people will be left with no health insurance. Before the ACA, insurance companies denied people with “pre-existing conditions.” Then they defined those conditions to include something as ordinary as giving birth or a child having asthma.

The American Medical Association told the New York Times:

‘Any new reform proposal should not cause individuals currently covered to become uninsured.’

Ryan’s plan is to repeal the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act immediately. However, the actual implementation date would allow a transition for two to four years. That would give Republicans time to pass replacement bills.

Republicans will give people a choice of whether to buy insurance, meaning healthy people will skip it and sick people will sign up. That skews the health insurance market dangerously. Insurance companies need healthy people to balance out the cost for sicker people.

The Republicans erroneously think lower insurance costs would motivate people to sign up. A House leadership aide said:

‘We would like to get to a point where we have what we call universal access, where everybody is able to access coverage to some degree or another. Over the past six years, if you look at the experience we’ve had with the A.C.A. rollout, chasing coverage doesn’t necessarily yield great outcomes. You can have people going into an exchange, finding out that their pediatrician is no longer available to them.’

The aide continued, saying that Republicans have an “ironclad commitment” to repeal ACA:

‘Our goal here is to make sure that everybody can buy coverage or find coverage if they choose to.’

Republican Texas representative and chair of the Ways and Means Committee Kevin Brady said:

‘There’s a lot of scare tactics out there on this. We can reassure the American public that the plan they are in right now, the Obamacare plans, will not end on Jan. 20 (Inauguration Day).

‘Republicans will provide an adequate transition period to give people peace of mind that they will have those options available to them as we work through this solution.’

Speaker Ryan is concerned about the insurance companies, but his logic is flawed. He says that insurance companies are doing badly now, but his plan will keep insurance costs low. He said:
‘Insurance markets are collapsing. Premiums are soaring. Patients’ choices are dwindling.’

Republicans have not decided whether to help out millions of low-income people’s costs.

Of course, they have not.

Check out this video of Speaker Ryan weasel-wording below:

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