US Agency That Certifies Voting Machines Was Hacked

So we’ve always known that the Republican Party was full of racist, bigots, homophobes, neo Nazis, Klan members, white nationalist, the alt-right (klansmen in suits) anti intellectuals, anti science, anti education, anti women, anti Obama, pro confederate flag, pro sexual assault (judging from their choice for president). If this isn’t investigated and if the GOP isn’t as outraged as everyone ‘else’ that our elections are being manipulated by the Russians, then we finally know beyond any doubt: the GOP is about ‘win at any cost’ and damn how they get there. IE: UN-American. Forget all the patriotic, flag-waving, god-fearing rhetoric … it is only about being in charge.

Now we can add one more item to this litany of deplorable items, TRAITORS! As they side with a foreign power against their own intelligence agency! They needed no proof to believe that president Obama was born in Kenya, but they don’t believe the CIA when it says that a country that has multiple ICBM’s trained on every major city in this hemisphere, has interfered with our democracy!

According to OD new information indicates that the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign weren’t the only targets of hacking operations during this election season.

A Boston-based cybersecurity firm has determined that hackers hit the US Election Assistance Commission (EAC), the organization that monitors voting machines and electronic voting databases.

One hacker going by the name of “Rasputin” was found to be in the process of trying to sell the login of over a hundred EAC accounts to a Middle Eastern government broker.

Those accounts could be used to seriously interfere with the integrity of election results. “These administrative accounts could potentially be used to access sensitive information as well as surreptitiously modify or plant malware on the EAC site, effectively staging a watering hole attack utilizing an official government resource” said researcher Levi Gundert to BuzzFeed. It is not clear when the information was obtained or whether the results of the recent election are in question.

Rasputin is not believed to be “sponsored by a foreign government”, but is known to speak Russian, and his choice of pseudonym is…curious, to say the least. Grigori Rasputin was the notorious peasant faith healer who wormed his way into the court of Russian Tsar Nicholas II and exerted mysterious influence over the weak-willed ruler, advising him even in matters of politics and military affairs before being murdered by furious nobles.

What is clear is that our government’s cybersecurity measures are not sufficient. Now that we’ve learned the hard way just what electronic warfare can achieve, it’s time for us to punish the wrongdoers and divert more resources into shielding our information from our enemies.

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