Brain Dead Ann Coulter Thinks It’s Time For Us To Get Rid Of The CIA (AUDIO)

So why are all these Republican asswipes advocating getting rid of all the safeguards we have against the Russian espionage and propaganda machine? There is a hidden agenda that was put into motion over the past couple of years to hand us over to the Russkies. I lost all respect for the Republican Party. I did not realised how dumb they were, on till they voted for an unfit, uneducated, and unqualified candidate for President. And the madness continues.

According to LA not very long ago, Republicans and conservatives were big fans of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Hell, they practically worshiped American spies, mainly because they did America’s dirty work–drone killings, destabilizing hostile governments, etc.–and allowed the GOP to pump even more money into their coffers in the name of national security.

But now, with the CIA reporting that Russia hacked computer networks to sway the 2016 election in favor of Putin’s BFF, Donald Trump, some on the right are starting to do a total shift when it comes to the CIA. And one of them is Ann Coulter, who has such a huge crush on Don the Con that it might be advisable for them to get a room.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s radio show Wednesday, Hannity asked Coulter:

“What do you think of this effort to undermine — first it was the recount, then it was the Russians hacked, even though there’s no new evidence at all and the FBI and director of national intelligence disagree. And I know because I’ve interviewed a number of these people, electors being harassed to change their votes away from Trump. What do you make of the effort to delegitimize him?”

Coulter wasted no time verbally obliterating the intelligence agency:

“It doesn’t make any sense, the FBI disputes it. One of the main proponents of this, of this Russia — I mean, the articles in The New York Times and The Washington Post, they’re all anonymous sources from the CIA, an agency we really need to get rid of because it is utterly useless and it eats up a lot of tax money. And this isn’t something I’m bringing up for the first time now; my loyal readers know I’ve been making fun of US intelligence for a good decade now. We have the worst intelligence collecting in the world. Worse than Burkina Faso, it’s worse than Walmart’s intelligence, because the Democrats decided to destroy the CIA after Watergate.”

Not only is Coulter’s massive hypocrisy on the issue of the CIA blatantly obvious, but the fact that she is trying to play them against the FBI shows just how completely ignorant she is and always will be. Coulter–and Hannity–know less about the work the CIA does than my dog. They got their feelings hurt and are embarrassed because their modern-day political savior has been caught in bed with a tyrant and terrorist who also happens to be the President of Russia.

Imagine if Clinton had won and these Russian revelations had come out. Coulter and her ilk would be calling for execution by firing squad. Instead, they are defending a murdering thug who kills women and children for his own amusement.

Disgusting doesn’t even begin to describe worthless hacks like Ann Coulter. There may not even be words strong enough for what she is.

Listen to Coulter on Hannity’s radio show:

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