Citizen Runs FULL PAGE Anti-Trump Ad In Washington Post Aimed At Electoral Voters (DETAILS)

“In the Federalist Papers #68, Alexander Hamilton clearly states that the Electoral College was meant to prevent the rise of unqualified demagogues and pawns of foreign powers. ”

Meet Daniel Brezenoff, According to BR he’s got a message for GOP electors: If you truly care about our country, PLEASE don’t vote for Donald Trump.

First, he created a petition with nearly 5 million signatures. When that failed to move the stubbornly partisan GOP electors, Daniel Brezenoff left his job to oppose Donald Trump full-time. After launching a GoFundMe drive that has raised nearly $254,000, he took out full-page ads in newspapers across the country asking members of the Electoral College to “vote their conscience.”

On Wednesday, POLITICO reported the full-page ads are an open letter to the GOP electors who plan on voting for Donald Trump:

‘The ads, which appeared Wednesday morning in the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Austin American-Statesman, Salt Lake City Tribune and Tampa Bay Times, are also slated to appear in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Wisconsin State Journal on Thursday. The 538 members of the Electoral College are slated to meet Monday in their respective state capitals. The ads target Republican electors in states won by Trump.’

Although Daniel Brezenoff supports Hillary Clinton, the open letter in the ad is signed by “a bipartisan coalition of Americans including Electors, scholars, officials, and concerned citizens.” The ad appeals to the GOP electors’ non-existent “spirit of fellowship,” “sense of patriotism,” and “great urgency” and declares:

‘There are times in the life of a nation when extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. Now is a such time, and your courage and leadership are required.’

The letter also points out:

‘Never in our Republic’s history has there been a President-apparent comparable to Donald Trump. His inauguration would present a grave and continual threat to the Constitution, to domestic tranquility, and to international stability.”

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