SNL Just Destroyed Trump’s Narcissism With This Hillarious ‘Through Donald’s Eyes” Skit

Saturday Night Live has more of Donald Trump’s attention than the president’s daily briefing, and this week they took aim at the pervasive narcissism of the Republican President-elect, ending with host John Cena portraying Trump saying “I love you” to a mirror — perfectly capturing the essence of Trumpism.

OD give us the funniest part of the skit, they introduced a red-hat-wearing Make America Great Again fan to his supreme leader, and as the Trump supporter says, he’s expecting a miracle cure for America’s ails because he’s tired of Hollywood people. Then, hilarity ensues…

From expanding and contracting hands to angry tweets, once again Saturday Night Live has captured the true essence of Trump in a way that only ridicule and parody can.

Just watch:

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