WATCH: Edward Snowden SHREDS Trump’s Cabinet Choices, Knows How Dangerous They Are (VIDEO)

When a man who purposefully leaks information tells you how dangerous another person is for leaking information, it’s probably good to listen.

This is what just happened during a Katie Couric interview with Edward Snowden while discussing one of Donald Trump’s top choices for Secretary of State, former CIA Director David Patreaus.

Snowden said:

“Perhaps the best-known case in recent history here is Gen. Petraeus — who shared information that was far more highly classified than I ever did with journalist. And he shared this information not with the public for their benefit, but with his biographer and lover for personal benefit — conversations that had information, detailed information, about military special-access programs, that’s classified above top secret, conversations with the president and so on.”

And then points out that while Petraeus was charged with a misdemeanor and pleaded guilty, he never had to serve any jail time. All the while Snowden can’t even re-enter the country for fear of severe punishment.

According to USUncut Meanwhile, Vice President-elect is defending Petraeus calling him an “American hero,” with The Week reporting Pence saying:

“But look, he made mistakes. And he paid the consequences of those mistakes.” He said Trump would “factor the totality of Gen. Petraeus’ career in making that decision.”

“Whether it be Gen, Petraeus or Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani or Sen. Bob Corker or John Bolton or others who may be added to the list, what people are seeing is an extraordinary capacity of an executive to bring the broadest range of people around him.”

So, clearly, Petraeus is still in the running for Secretary of State.

What’s most amusing is that the same people who, all throughout the election went after Hillary Clinton for what may or may not have been on her emails or server, are now seriously considering a man who pleaded guilty to revealing classified material.

It’s disgusting, and Snowden has a very valid point.

Watch here:

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