It’s going to be a rocky four years! Will THEY get their act together and do ANYTHING? Remains to be seen!
Those who believed promises and campaign rhetoric are likely to be disappointed! Trump will be too lazy to read it and even if he did, he couldn’t comprehend its contents and meaning. I also doubt his cabinet would follow any past guidelines as too passive. Yes we are doomed. Thank you Trumpsters for bring on the possibility of the apocalypse. Trump is crazy and you ignored it liked everything else.

According to WD President Obama is doing all he can to keep his crackpot successor from ushering in the apocalypse. On Monday, he released a memo to serve as a “National Security Guide for Dummies” in an effort to keep Donald Trump from blowing up the f*cking world.

The document lays out the rules for use of force and is meant to serve as a “guidebook” for the incoming disaster of an administration — and hopefully prevent Trump from bringing about the destruction of the world.

As reported by the Washington Post:

On the eve of a new administration that has promised more aggressive counterterrorism operations, the Obama White House has released a lengthy compendium of its own policies governing the use of force.

The 61-page document outlines eight years of the administration’s legal opinions, executive orders and military directives. In a strong defense of the administration’s actions, it lists rules for lethal drones and terrorist detention, and describes the international and domestic law that undergirds them.

Such rules are important to reduce ‘the risk of an ill-considered decision,’ President Obama wrote in an introduction to the document. When making policy on war and peace, he wrote, it was critical to disclose ‘as much information as possible to the public . . . so that an informed public can scrutinize our actions and hold us to account.’

The Post points out that this is the first time an outgoing president has prepared a document such as this. Although the White House said that this is a guide for all administrations who will follow, it is pretty clear that he is just trying to keep the moron elected to take his place from blowing us all to hell.

A senior administration official said that none of the information in the document is new, but “it’s the first time it’s all been in the same place, that it’s put together in such a way that it will be a guidebook for what we have employed . . . and how we have justified our use of force,” said the official, who described it as a “one-stop shop.”

Throughout the campaign, Trump suggested one disastrous policy after another including bringing back waterboarding and using other forms of torture, blowing up various places on the map, banning Muslims, and the list just goes on. He hasn’t even taken office yet and he has already kicked off a diplomatic crisis with China because he wanted to chat up Taiwan’s leader.

President Obama is doing everything he can to stop Trump from starting WWIII. Whether that will be enough to save the world from the Orange Nightmare that will soon be taking over the Oval Office remains to be seen. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope Trump takes this memo more seriously than the security briefings he keeps blowing off.

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