Rachel Maddow Drops Taiwan/Trump Truth-Bomb That Has Voters SCREAMING ‘Impeachment!’

A thorough investigation of the irregularities in the electoral college and how the count should be corrected would show how the election was rigged and that Trump with his normal ways of fraud and misdirection cheated and mislead the American people.

According to BR on the Friday edition of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, host Rachel Maddow tore into President-elect Donald Trump over an egregious break in protocol that has China enraged.

The amateur politician’s phone call with the president of Taiwan on Friday has severely damaged U.S. relations with China, according to the Wall Street Journal, resulting in a formal complaint from China. Beijing, the acknowledged capital of China, focused blame on Tsai Ing-wen, the Taiwanese president, however Beijing issued a warning that further relations with Taiwan would risk the future of U.S.-China diplomatic relations.

Rachel Maddow was blown away by Trump’s dangerous faux pas, and in a 20-minute segment, she explained how the U.S. has followed a certain protocol for many decades, since the end of the civil war in China. Maddow continues that after the communists took over China, for 30 years:

‘We refused to recognize that communist government as the government of China. For decades we had no diplomatic relations with China.’

After that time, the U.S. had recognized only the island of Taiwan as the official government of China:

‘Then in 1972, something world-changing happened: Nixon went to China.

Nixon flew to China and spoke with leader of the Communist Party, Chairman Mao. Even after that, it took an additional seven years before the U.S. recognized the Communist government of China in Beijing. The U.S. finally developed diplomatic ties with Beijing in 1979, under President Jimmy Carter, when the U.S. closed its embassy in Taiwan and opened one in Beijing in mainland China. Our policy now is that the only government of China is in Beijing, and that Taiwan is not a separate government.

‘It sounds rational now, but it took us a long time to get there. It took us decades to get there, and that’s where we are.

‘It took decades to develop the ground on which we talk to China, and Donald Trump tore it up today.

‘And the intense and important thing here is that we don’t know if he did it on purpose or if he just bumbled into it.

‘Either way — this is conceivably the way wars start.’

Stressing the importance of following protocol with established diplomatic procedures, Maddow said:

‘Maybe the president-elect doesn’t know that with this phone call today … that he just hit “puree” on decades of American foreign policy and diplomacy between us and the other most powerful country on earth.’

Despite the fact that the State Department is ready to brief the president-elect or his team on U.S. diplomatic policies before talking with foreign leaders. Trump is refusing daily briefings. Maddow suggests that Trump is unaware of the state of our relations with China and our policy regarding Taiwan:

‘He could have googled.’

Maddow summarizes:

‘It may be that he just doesn’t realize what he has just destroyed. Or, it’s possible that he does know the consequences of what he just did, and we just embarked on one of the most radical and fundamental shifts in American foreign policy in a generation.

‘Without anybody having any warning at all that it was coming.’

Watch the entire segment — bemusing, amusing, and disturbing

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