Obama Blasts Republicans With A Healthcare Truth Bomb; Republicans PISSED

The price of Health Care was going to go with or without the Affordable Healthcare the reason Health Care has gone up because Hospital wants to make profits you’re meant Medical Insurance wants to make a profit. Insurance were going up at the end of the Bush Administration

According to NCT looks like President Obama will be getting the final laugh after all.

As the GOP is forced to drop their promise to immediately repeal and replace Obamacare, it seems as though Obama has outsmarted Republicans yet again. The infamous healthcare truth bomb that Obama bestows on the GOP is the fact that they will never be able to completely get rid of Obamacare, no matter how hard they try. The law is far more complicated and it would take years before they can actually make progress in repealing it–even if they do they will receive some serious public backlash, and pissing off Americans usually isn’t a good sign.

The New York Times quoted top Congressional Republicans:

“We are not going to rip health care away from Americans,” said Representative Kevin Brady, Republican of Texas and chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, which shares jurisdiction over health care. “We will have a transition period so Congress can develop the right policies and the American people can have time to look for better health care options.”

Senator Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee and chairman of the Senate health committee, said: “I imagine this will take several years to completely make that sort of transition — to make sure we do no harm, create a good health care system that everyone has access to, and that we repeal the parts of Obamacare that need to be repealed.”

Alas, the GOP realizing that they once again can’t hold up their end. Notice how it went from ‘getting rid of Obamacare is going to be a piece of cake’ to now–‘Oh shit, maybe we can’t make that transition possible.” Nevertheless, the GOP is suddenly very interested in taking their time and not harming anyone–since now their asses are on the chopping block. Let’s not mention the fact that full Obamacare repeal appears to be off the table. Republicans are just proving how smart President Obama is; he just made them look like fools one final time. Way to go out with a bang, Obama!

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