Watch Sanders Explain Why Trump’s Carrier Deal is TERRIBLE for America

Bernie is correct again. Trump basically is a liar, and will pander to corporations making billions. Liar, liar!!! Get rid of them now!! Paying a ransom is not a good idea…..except under very unusual circumstances….Trump and his sidekick Pence will soon find that out when the other Corporations and Companies line-up at the trough…..and he might also realize that running a Government is unlike running a company or Corporation…..

According to OD Senator Bernie Sanders went on MSNBC to igniting to explain the inherent danger in Donald Trump’s new corporate welfare policy which gives massive tax cuts to global corporations like Carrier’s parents United Technologies, in exchange for outsourcing jobs anyhow. Sanders told Chris Hayes:

During the campaign, we had Donald Trump running around the country saying that he was going to be really tough on these corporations if they outsourced American jobs… he was gonna slap a yuuuge tariff on them. Well, that’s what he said in the campaign, but what he’s doing now is something very different. He’s saying that it’s ok for half of the jobs to go to Mexico where people earn $3 dollars an hour, and for the other half, we are going to give a very, very profitable corporation, United Technologies who earned $7 billion dollars last year a $7 million dollar tax break to keep the other half.

Make no mistake, this is corporate welfare at its lowest, paying tax money from Indiana’s hard working people to buy a Trump and easy photo op from a massive global conglomerate to keep some of the American jobs they’d like to export. The Senator from a Vermont is absolutely right; he says the President-elect’s rapid distribution of corporate welfare money to transfer wealth from ordinary people to corporations without stopping outsroucing is a dangerous precedent that smacks of crony capitalism.

Watch the rest of Senator Sanders’ takedown here:

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