Trump Might Pick Sarah Palin To Lead The VA And Social Media’s Response Is Priceless

They’re just throwing names around to grab our attention. Last night, his candlelit dinner with Mitt was center stage. chit chat with Sarah is all important tonight. Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe he and Rudy will spend the afternoon together getting their chins tucked? He’s running these cabinet non-announcements like it’s a reality T.V. show. She is just about the LAST person who should have ANYTHING to do with veterans! She’s a quitter, probably an alcoholic, and a very poor example for anyone as a public servant. Her son had to go into the military or to jail and has a history of domestic violence, her daughters’ behavior is questionable at best, and her example as a mother is poor even on a good day. So, no. Just NO.

We laugh, but leading the Department of Veterans Affairs – the government’s largest agency – is serious business.

According to PU Donald Trump is considering Sarah Palin to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs in his administration, according to several reports out Wednesday.

It’s not clear what qualifies the former Alaska governor and failed VP nominee to lead this post or what convinced the Trump team to consider her for it, but social media users were quick to respond – and it was priceless.

We laugh, but it’s not all fun and games.

Like Trump, Palin is deeply unqualified to deal with matters related to foreign policy and veterans affairs. According to the former governor’s own words, her only foreign policy experience is that she lived in a state that borders Russia. In the past, she blamed her son’s domestic violence on PTSD and President Obama, which was widely condemned by veterans.

Trump even considering her for this position indicates that he values people who are similar and loyal to him rather than people with knowledge and expertise. But leading the Department of Veterans Affairs – the government’s largest agency – is serious business and somebody like Palin shouldn’t be near it.

Of course, there are a couple silver linings to Palin being tapped for the VA job: 1. She’d probably just quit halfway through the first term; and 2. We’d likely see Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey together on Saturday Night Live.

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