Chris Cuomo Just WENT OFF On The ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts For Their Adoration Of Trump

Good! The media needs to be called out for this mess. It’s their fault Donald Trump got as far as he did. They got their ratings and the entire country got screwed.
Great job. Way to go.

According to LA Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, are some of the biggest Trump cheerleaders on the face of the planet.

Now we have reports that Brzezinski was seen going into Trump Tower on Tuesday for some sort of meeting and that Scarborough is advising the President-elect on who he should choose for various national security positions. This is a clear conflict of interest on the part of the two MSNBC employees, and they should immediately be terminated as they can no longer hope to be objective.

CNN host Chris Cuomo was more than a bit agitated by news of the connections between Brzezinski, Scarborough, and Trump, so he went on Twitter to give his thoughts on the matter:

I have to admit that while I believe in the American system of government and the protections the Constitution affords us all, I’m still fearful that a proto-fascist like Donald Trump will attempt to circumvent our laws through fear, intimidation, and lying. This man is a threat to everything we claim to hold dear in the United States.

And to Chris Cuomo, I have this to say: Good for you! Keep speaking out and know that millions of us have your back.

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