Jill Stein Just BLASTED Hillary Clinton Over #Recount2016

No one should worry? For all anyone may know the count might turn out to be more beneficial to Trump by a couple hundred votes give or take. Depending on the rate of error on the paper balloting conversion system. The fact that anyone would assume that a count was not correct first time around is unusual none the less. What really worried us is the fact that the crooked Democratic party is going to be allowed the chance to get there dirty hands on anyone’s already decided, declared vote. If I was Trump, I would have my people all up in the process, and a crew of tough guys on standby ready to bash heads.

According to TK Jill Stein apparently doesn’t like that Hillary Clinton is now suddenly on the Green Party Train looking to recount as many states as Liberals can afford.

Jill Stein took offense and blasted Hillary Clinton via Twitter:


Many signs point to a George Soros funded recount with Hillary Clinton on board, others question if Stein is just playing up to the media to show she is not in cahoots with Clinton’s assault on Democracy.

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