Trump’s Foreign Real Estate Deals Get A Jump Start After One Call To Argentinian President

What did anyone Expect,. Did you really think that voting for an ego Billionaire was going to make America Great Again ? Sure great if your in the top 1 % of Billionaire’s and of course himself. If you Working Class People voted for him this is your fault. So when you can’t pay the rent or get health care and feed your children remember this is your fault.

According to BR After speaking with Argentina’s president, President-elect Donald Trump’s previously stalled building project is now up and running once again.

Reportedly, just three days after meeting with Mauricio Macri, Argentina’s president, President-elect Donald Trump’s delays regarding a Buenos Aires real estate project has been jump-started after years of delays. La Nation, an Argentinian-based publication, first broke the story.

According to the initial report, there’s no documented proof that the conversation that took place between the two leaders has anything to do with the fact that the building project has finally been green-lighted. Although it’s awfully coincidental considering the project has been dealing with delays for years. Since President-elect Donald Trump was elected, many people have worried about possible conflicts cropping up with his focus remaining on his global business portfolio.

After getting permission by the Argentinian government, the massive building project, which will cost $100 million dollars, is set to break ground in June 2017.

Previously, Argentinian publication La Nation published commentary from an Argentinian journalist claiming that President-elect Donald Trump brought up the huge Buenos Aires office building project while speaking on the telephone with Argentinian President Mauricio Macro. But a spokesperson for Macri denied speaking at all about the project with Trump and went on to explain that President Macri and President-elect Donald Trump have a long-standing relationship.

Donald Trump has resisted liquidating his assets, as someone in his situation would be expected to do, insisting that he would instead like to hold on to them and eventually hand the businesses down to his children. Even that is making many people question how ethical it is for President-elect Donald Trump’s children to take over his businesses, considering the fact that he wants his children to be heavily involved with his presidential transition.

According to the initial report, Susana Malcorra, Argentina’s foreign minister, spoke with the President-elect’s son, Eric Trump, after the election. The phone call between the two was organized by the co-owner of YY Development, Felipe Yaryura, which happens to be the same firm that is working on the Trump real estate project in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

View a video below, where TheYoungTurks discuss whether or not the President-elect Donald Trump pressed the Argentinian president during their phone conversation:

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