Just goes to show you don’t need experiences or a specific skill set to hold a position that makes life changing decisions about people. Now what would I like to become that doesn’t require me to get the job? Maybe a doctor or perhaps a judge or even President. What a joke. Hope they go get her off the. Ranch before she gets there.

Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s vice president, has managed to piss off at least a few people in his last days as the governor of Indiana. He decided that since he’s on his way out the door, what the hell, why not appoint a judge who has never ever practiced law. Needless to say, this choice is not going over well.

Accordong to WD Amy Jorgensen, who happens to be the St. John Republican Party Chairman (which surely has nothing to do with her appointment), was sworn in on Monday morning as Hammond City Court judge. She is replacing Judge Gerald Kray but has never actually practiced law before. Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott Jr. is understandably furious.

According to McDermott, Jorgensen’s appointment was “news to him.” As a matter of fact, he found out about it thanks to social media.

It’s such a joke,” McDermott said. “Judge Kray didn’t even get a call that this was happening.”

McDermott said that what concerns him the most is that Jorgensen has no idea what the hell she is doing since she has “never used her law degree.”

She admits she’s never practiced law, and she’s going to be a judge? This is unprofessional cronyism, and I have no confidence in this appointment,” McDermott said. “This lady ran Sylvan Learning Centers.”

Jorgensen reportedly received her law degree from the Valparaiso University School of Law. However, as I’ve said a few times already, she has never ever actually practiced law. Instead, she has run Sylvan Learning Centers and tutored children, which in no way adequately prepares a person to serve as a f*cking judge. But Pence couldn’t care less.

“Amy Jorgensen possesses the intellect and temperament to make an excellent judge,” Pence said in the press release announcing Jorgensen’s appointment. “I am confident that she will serve the community of Hammond with distinction, and I thank her for stepping forward in this capacity.”

Pence seems to be following Trump’s lead by appointing unqualified people to positions they have no business being in whatsoever. It’s a disturbing pattern that is apparently the blueprint for the next four years.

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