This Is A Thing CNN Just Aired. For Real. This Is Not a Joke (VIDEO)

The first step in genocide or exterminating a group is to dehumanize members of that group. This is already happening in the ALT-RIGHT movement. They are not just targeting Jews, but “liberals” as well. By making your enemy non-human or less human than you, you can justify treating them inhumanely. Welcome to Trump’s America.

While discussing the white supremacist “alt-right” movement’s ideology, CNN casually questioned whether or not Jews were people on the bottom of the screen.

During a panel discussion on The Lead with Jake Tapper featuring RealClearPolitics reporter Rebecca Berg and Matt Viser of the Boston Globe, host Jim Sciutto broached the topic of the recent convention in Washington DC hosted by the National Policy Institute — which has been listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Sciutto prefaced the segment by bringing up anti-Semitic comments made by National Policy Institute founder Richard Spencer — often referred to as the person who coined the term “alt-right” — and asking the panelists their thoughts on whether or not Donald Trump should completely disavow the movement and its leaders.

However, CNN’s chyron (the text at the bottom of the screen), paraphrasing Spencer’s comments, seemed to push the narrative that whether or not Jews were actually people was a subject up for debate. Twitter seized on the moment and refused to let go:

Even sports blog Deadspin got in on the fun, mocking CNN for waffling on “taking the political risk” to acknowledge the humanity of people who practice Judaism:

Spencer and the “alt-right” movement’s racism and anti-Semitism were on full display during the National Policy Institute’s annual conference this weekend at the Ronald Reagan federal building in Washington, DC. Spencer was seen shouting “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!” at the end of his speech while attendees cheered and held up the Nazi salute.

As of this writing, it remains unclear whether or not CNN’s Chyron operator for The Lead with Jake Tapper still has a job after creating a wave of outrage on social media.

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