Caught Red Handed: Trump Uses New Power To Rush Permits For His Private Businesses Abroad

He is appointing one of his billionaire buddies to head the treasury department, he is surrounding himself with career politicians, he is catering to special interest groups. All things he promised his stupid brainless followers he would NOT do. None of them realize it yet because they are still sitting at home making love to their precious precious firearms while cuddling in with their newly found right to racism…

According to UU Trump has been less that cooperative when it comes to resolving his numerous and unprecedented conflicts of interest. Even the unsatisfactory solution he came up with himself doesn’t seem to be going into affect. Trump is still in control of hundreds of businesses and even seems to be forming more in countries that have shaky relationships with the US. If those countries feel that they could help their position by quietly sending more business to firms he owns they undoubtedly will. This is exactly why presidents are expected to remove themselves from their business holdings upon winning the election.

In perhaps his most incriminating move yet, Trump has reportedly used his sway as US president to influence permit decisions for one of his private businesses. While many other world leaders complain that they are having trouble getting through to America’s new president, Argentinian President Mauricio Macri was able to get through. But once he had Macri on the phone Trump apparently began to ask him about a permit he’d applied for to do business in Buenos Aires.

Rumors that the council in charge of reviewing the building permit saw Trump’s election to president as a conflict of interest and a reason to deny it. Both Trump and President Macri have denied the allegation. But this only further highlights the problem with Trump’s plan to continue to own hundreds of international corporations while acting as the United States’ chief executive. Even if he turned over command to his children as he has suggested, the problem would likely remain. Trump has already stated that he plans to involve them in his administration. Just this week he brought his daughter Ivanka along to meetings with the Japanese Prime Minister (she was also reportedly on the call with Macri). He also states openly that he’s seeking a way to give her husband Jared Kushner an official post in his administration by flouting nepotism laws. It’s beginning to look more and more like making money for himself is a serious part of President Trump’s plan for America.

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