Trump Is Moving Forward with Keystone XL Pipeline Because It Will Make Him Richer

Trump is okay with anything that benefits Trump. He has a large investment in the pipeline. Did you really think he cared about the American people? And, yes, the Sioux are our people, too.Trump will be not be looking out for the American people’s interest, only his own. I have to laugh at all the fools that say they are so impressed trump won’t take a pay check. Jokes on you, he’s got that covered he will take care of his interests.

According to BDD Donald Trump is going to go ahead and make moving forward with the Keystone Pipeline a priority in his administration. The Obama administration had put a halt to it, saying it isn’t in the best interest of the country.

Further proving the best interest of Donald Trump is Donald Trump’s main concern, he plans to move ahead with the project. The reasons why should surprise no one.

Time is reporting:
Trump owns stock in the company building the pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners, as well as another company that will own a share of the pipeline once it is completed. He also received more than $100,000 in campaign contributions from the company’s CEO.

The Guardian reports, “Trump’s financial disclosure forms show the Republican nominee has between $500,000 and $1m invested in Energy Transfer Partners, with a further $500,000 to $1m holding in Phillips 66, which will have a 25% stake in the Dakota Access project once completed. The information was disclosed in Trump’s monthly filings to the Federal Election Commission, which requires candidates to disclose their campaign finance information on a regular basis.”

We can not expect a Donald Trump presidency to be concerned with anything that makes makes America great or protects the environment. He is only interested in make his bank accounts great and protecting the Trump brand.

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