Hamilton Actor Delivers Perfect Response To Trump Attack By Showing The Meaning Of Free Speech

He was so quick to defend his “person” when all that was done to him was a statement asking for acceptance. The nerve to say that the greater needs to be a safe place. What about schools where white kids write racist things? Shouldn’t schools be a safe place for kids to learn?

According to PU Hamilton cast member Brandon Victor Dixon responded directly to the president-elect’s claim that Mike Pence was harassed while attending the musical. The Broadway star told Trump that conversation is not harassment.

Trump tweeted a fictionalized tale of how Pence was harassed and treated rudely by the cast of Hamilton:

Mr. Dixon apparently has a better hold on how free speech and conversation work than the man who will be the next President Of The United States. Dixon’s response was perfect.

However, Trump’s attack on the non-white cast of the musical combined with his plan to nominate Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to be his Attorney General hints that non-white persons may find themselves targeted by the White House if they dare to speak out or protest against the Trump administration.

The fact that one has to wonder how Trump would have responded if Pence was booed while attending an all white musical says a great deal about the seeds of racial division that Trump has already sown in the country.

Dixon’s response to Trump was a defense of free speech that should never have to be said to the incoming President Of The United States. The fact that Brandon Victor Dixon had to respond to Trump is a very ominous sign for the fate the nation’s civil liberties under Trump.

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