President Obama Gives America One Last Gift, Protects Us From Trump With Arctic Drilling Ban

Thank you President Obama for caring about our environment and planet and doing something about protecting it.

President Obama will soon be releasing a plan to ban Artic drilling for offshore oil and natural gases. The plan will effectively ban the practice entirely until 2022.

According to BR Obama had previously proposed a plan to organize a “single lease sale on the outer continental shelf in the area from Virginia to Georgia.” That proposal was rescinded and replaced with a plan that includes the five-year ban.

According to The Hill:

‘There will be no drilling rights sales between 2017 and 2022 in the Beaufort or Chukchi seas, which comprise the United States’s share of the Arctic Ocean, north of Alaska, according to two sources.’

A spokeswoman for the Interior Department, Jessica Kershaw, could not confirm everything in the plan but assured reporters that it would be released before Donald Trump’s inauguration. Republican elected officials will have an opportunity to overturn the plan using the Congressional Review Act, which is more than likely considering Trump’s views on oil drilling.

‘I think it’s incredible that we’re going slow on drilling. I think it’s beyond anything I’ve ever seen that we’re going slow on drilling. There are always going to be problems. You’re going to have an oil spill. You clean it up and you fix it up and it’ll be fine.’

The specific area that is part of the United States in the Arctic has never allowed drilling.

Although four state governors backed Obama’s original plan, it was roundly opposed by “coastal towns, cities, businesses, environmentalists and nearby states,” and has been a hotly debated issue. Environmentalists concerned about the very real dangers (which cannot just be “fixed,” or “cleaned up” so that we’ll “be fine”) of oil spills and effects on climate change have been loudly and thoroughly opposed to increased offshore drilling.

Oil companies and their paid mouthpieces in the GOP have advocated for opening up the Atlantic coast for offshore drilling, arguing that the restrictions are unfair and step across the line of government overreach.

‘The oil and gas industry, along with congressional Republicans and others, have called on Obama to open more waters to drilling. They say that the market should decide whether drilling should happen in a certain place or not.’

For a reminder of the dangers of offshore drilling, as evidenced by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico, see video below:

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