Glenn Beck: Turn Hot Lights On ‘Terrifying’ Steve Bannon And His ‘Clear Tie’ To Racists (VIDEO)

For years Beck, whether he believed or not, sold his soul to FOX. Its as if now hes waking up from a cash induced coma, seeing the party he helped shape with his words and saying oh shit what have i done. He goes on tv talking about Obama saved me. Spends months trying to drag Stephen Bannon into the light from the shadows. He seems to be really concerned and boys and girls if something from the right fringes of the Republican party scares Beck its pretty goddamn scary. Most people do not know what alt-right means. In their minds its just a more conservative right wing of the Republican party. I have been for months now trying to tell everyone i could about Trump, Bannon and Breitbart. No one knows what Breitbart is, only now its alt-right but thats it. When i tell them about the type of stories they run and Bannons ties to white supremacists. They ask me where i got my info. News on the tv. They dismiss it because news isn’t objective anymore. So i must have been watching a liberal station. They don’t trust the news. And thats a failure on the part of the news. Its as if they can’t even bring themselves to even think that Trump would allow someone like im describing near the white house. Well everyone need to wake up, turn on their tvs to the news, read a paper, do some research and educate themselves. Because you may think Trump isn’t that smart but Stephen Bannon is very smart. He knows how to play theater to the masses. And if people aren’t aware of whats happening, they’ll swallow what he gives them.

“Does anyone else think that we are living in some kind of an alternate universe?” That must be the only explanation of how Trump got elected.

According to LiberalAmerica “Beck then said that all those who are outraged over Trump giving succor to racism–and in many cases, blowing racist dog whistles himself–ought to turn their focus on Bannon. After all, he argued, the man about to become Karl Rove to Trump’s George W. Bush has documented links to some of the worst people in the world.

“You know, if people really want to, in the press, would like to call Donald Trump a racist, you might want to stop on that one and spend a little time on Bannon. Because Bannon has a clear tie to white nationalists. Clear tie.”

In case you missed it, Bannon had no qualms about giving succor to the worst elements of the alt-right. That’s not just us saying it. His former underlings are saying it as well. According to former Breitbart reporter Kurt Badella, Bannon is so xenophobic that editorial calls at Breitbart sounded like “a white supremacist rally.” Bannon’s former editor-at-large, Ben Shapiro, says that Bannon has no qualms about promoting white nationalism and letting the comment sections turn into a toxic waste dump of hate.

From where Beck is sitting, this is exactly what Bannon wanted. After all, he is “on record as defining the alt-right”–and the fact that he has defined it as a cesspool for some of the worst people in the world makes him “a terrifying man.” He believes that it “speaks volumes” about what Trump’s White House will look like that Bannon was even considered for a senior position.

For me, all I needed to know about Bannon is that Milo Yiannopoulos is still on Breitbart’s payroll. This is the same guy who led the disgraceful trolling of Leslie Jones–an episode that got him banned from Twitter. And he’s still on the payroll after claiming that Harvard has no business rooting out the rape culture on its men’s soccer team.

Beck has been in a feud with Bannon for the better part of a year. Back in February, he accused Bannon of turning Breitbart into a subsidiary of the Trump campaign–a sentiment shared by many others, who nicknamed it “Trumpbart.” When Bannon became CEO of the Trump campaign, Beck branded him “the most dangerous guy in all of American politics.”

Watch a clip.

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