Donald Trump Just Told America That All Votes Don’t Count, Only The Ones For Him (TWEETS)

Looking at the most recent presidential election, many are left dismayed because the person who won the most votes, by a very large margin, lost the election. Some could argue, as they should, that this isn’t how a democracy should work. To be blunt, the Electoral College is archaic and is absolutely no longer necessary in the year 2016.

How do we motivate voters to come to the polls if we’re literally telling most of the nation that their vote doesn’t matter. The election every four years comes down to a handful of swing states and candidates spend all their time trying to muster up votes there, instead of spending time with the entire nation.

Hell, even Donald Trump knew that the Electoral College is a “disaster for a democracy.”

The giant narcissist of a man believes he could have held the liberal strongholds of California and New York. Which is utter horsesh*t, because voters in those states overwhelmingly voted against him.

So now that the Electoral College is the only reason he won, he’s singing its praises:

Yeah, campaigning is kept to small states, often rural voters, who mostly go red. Thus giving an advantage to those voters, who do not represent the interests of the whole nation. It’s “genius” for Trump because he played to these voters. He conned them into voting for a billionaire from the upper east side of Manhattan who knows nothing about their plight. He literally strategized and manipulated the vote to his advantage, and for that, sure, he did well. After all, he is a scam artist, and he just scammed the whole nation, because it worked.

He’s basically saying all votes don’t count, only the ones for him, which of course is the Electoral College.

Here’s the thing, Trump knows he lost. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be scrambling to Twitter to try and justify his manipulative victory. The majority of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton by a very substantial margin. Which is also why people have taken to the streets to demand the voters of the Electoral College give the victory to the person who actually won.

The outdated system was designed in an era when voters didn’t have access to candidates and they needed their voices to be heard as well. In the age of modern media, where voters everywhere can hear or read everything a candidate has ever uttered, it’s more proof that we no longer need to cater to these voters. To put it simply, and without sounding like whining, it’s truly not fair.

All voters have the right to have their vote count. Whether they live in rural areas or very urban areas. If people in urban areas, with exposure to people other than those who look and think just like they do, which is why cities are liberal because they know the world outside their own front door, vote for the liberal candidate, then their votes deserves to be counted. Rural areas should not carry more weight and be subject to such blatant manipulation of an archaic voting structure.

So, people have every right to rise up in dissent and demand all votes count. And maybe, just maybe, when every vote matters, people will actually be motivated to come to the polls, because they know their voice will be heard.

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